Gmail report failed

hi, already configure SMTP for gmail to receive the report.

but I hit as below error when click send report now.

how I can fix it?
thanks help

anyone can help?
I using the gmail for get the report but hit that error


Matomo 3 uses an ancient library for sending E-Mails which causes all kinds of weird problem.

Starting with Matomo 4 it uses phpmailer which should be supported by far more E-Mail servers.

That said you might still need to use app specific passwords for Google to allow access to the account.

Or you could use another E-Mail provider that is indended for sending automated E-Mails.

I already enable less secure app to connect. but is still not working?

I am using matomo version 3.14.1

matomo 4 now is just a beta version can be download.

that is no way to fix on matomo 3?