Global list of Excluded IPs - Added my IP - Cleared Visitor Log :(

I hope this is reproducible, it seems like a bit of a bug.

I wanted to track the traffic of a web site I made to RSVP to my wedding. I have had 2 unique visits to the site so far, one of them mine.

I wanted to weed out my considerable self testing traffic so I added my own IP to the Global list of Excluded IPs, and clicked ‘Save’. Upon doing so, the Visitor Log was wiped. As well as the data in the Visits Over Time dashboard widget. I immediately REMOVED my IP from the list, clicked ‘Save’ again, the damage is done. As you can see in my images, the two visitors are listed under the Visits Over Time, but they are no longer listed where I would expect or want to see them.

[attachment 2269 piwik1.jpg]
[attachment 2270 piwik2.jpg]

Any help here?


Hi there,

when you add an IP to ignore, it will not actually wipe out any data. it simply start ignoring those IPs in tracking from that moment.

try to select “today” in the calendar or check the correct date is used?