Give single tables more room

(bolero) #1

I noticed this problem with the new “page title” table. Many page titles are composed like “Site name - Page name” or even “Site name - Section name - page name”. That makes the titles table somewhat useless as most titles are listed as “site name + a few characters from the page name”. On the other hand, there’s plenty of space available on the right of the table. So, I would like to suggest to make this table wider than the default 500px. Same goes for other “single table on page” views likes pages, downloads, referrers.

Or/And one might also compare all the titles and remove the first matching strings, so that one ends up with the “real” title.

On the other hand, the new Live! plugin (Visitor Log) might benefit from reducing the shown Referer URL massively, because otherwise you have to scroll to the right. One could still put it in the title of the tag, so that the full URL is available on mouse over.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

for Live! plugin feedback, please post the feedback with screenshots if possible in the ticket at

(bolero) #3

Just want to make clear that only the last part of my suggestion is for the Live plugin. Can I access trac with the same credentials as this forum?


Nope. Two accounts.
You you have difficulties with the multiplication of accounts everywhere over the Internet; use the KeePass opensource software to store them encrypted.