Getting x10 visits on single page only

Hello all,

We recently started implementing Matomo instead of GA4. However, w are experiencing a sudden raise of visits on our English website (/en) (900 visits recorded in GA4 and 10k in Matomo).
When we look in visits log, we notice that 90% of these visits are on a single page, coming from the US (same browser, same device) and sometimes last for 0s.
I have installed all bot plug ins but no luck…
Any suggestion on how to prevent this ?

I have linked below a typical visit log
Thanks for your help !

anyone has an answer as to why please

It is a well-known problem in matomo and no solutuion yet. See here:

Maybe this are Bots that not detectable as Bots. The number of such Bots is massive increased in the last months.

The Plugin Tracking Spam Prevention match few of this bots, but not all.