Getting the URL for Tracked Events Using the Reporting Api

I’m trying to determine if/how it is possible to use the reporting API to get the associated URLs to events that have been previously tracked. An example (not my actual use-case) would be: A user decides to view a photo on our site, popping the photo up in a lightbox. I have an event that fires formatted as {Category: ‘Photos’, Action: ‘Viewed’, Value: #{ID}}, and am able to see a associated URL with the event in the “Visitor’s Log” section of Piwik.

How would I be able to use the Reporting API instead to also get this URL?

Hi there, at this time the Events reporting API does not return the event URLs. The data from the Visitor Log can be fetched using the Live Reporting API. If you need the Events API to return URLs, please create suggestion in our issue tracker: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub