Getting rendering engine version, not browser version

Browsers on iOS devices always use the WebKit rendering engine, not their own. But in Matomo I am only able to view the browser version, rendering engine (without version) and OS version (without browser information).

What would be the best way to get information about the version of the rendering engine that my visitors are using?

Hi @pbb72
Do you know if your version of Matomo supports Client Hints?

It seems this has been added in Matomo 4.12

Hi Philippe,

We’re using Matomo 4.13.3, so that should be supporting Client Hints. But if I understand correctly, that doesn’t help me. Client Hints are just an alternative (more precise) way to identify the browser.

How does that help me retrieve the information out of Matomo? Is there a way I can see the rendering engine version my visitors are using?

Hi @pbb72
I am not sure how Apple hides these information… (And I don’t own such device)
Can you try to check HTTP User Agent and Client Hints in case of Apple/Webkit device? Matomo won’t be able to gess the information if the browser doesn’t give it…