Getting email, phone number or social login

Dear all,
I have some questions which I can not answer by my own.

In my shop I have two types of customers

  1. Guests -> on checkout they fill name, phone, address
  2. Signed in users -> they have their account (fb, google)

I need to add to Matomo Visitor: name, email and phone number filled on shops checkout.
Is it possible? Also when customer use sign in with goole/fb It will be nice to catch their fb/goole ID (or better- all data from public profile)

Possible but not legal if your users do not explicitly agree to that.

I wouldnt ask if it could be illegal :slight_smile:
So - what is the best way to do it?

Since when is this legal? Seems like you didn’t read the news lately. :wink:

You may use data which is shared with you over the social media logon. But only for very limited use.

Nevertheless, technically, you can record CustomDimensions (Custom Dimensions - Analytics Platform - Matomo) for the Visitor with any extra data you like.

it is not legal, mate