GetLastVisitDetails API Method

Hello Team,

I am working with a API method ''GetLastVisitDetails".

My query looks something like this “website/module=API&method=Live.getLastVisitsDetails&idSite=1&period=day&date=2013-06-24&format=JSON/tokenKey”. This is returning me a JSON object. But while parsing I noticed, even though I am querying for the date 2013-06-24. This is returning me some additional logs dated to 2013-06-23 aka previous day. Any help?


lastActionDateTime is in UTC
serverDatePretty" + “serverTimePretty” are in the website timezone

Thanks for the reply. I looked into other posts but couldn’t come up with a solution. Could you give me pointers for fixing this issue? I have already changed the default time zone under piwik.php and index.php


Also I have correct timezone set for the website. But still the call is returning me older logs.

I appreciate your time.



Looks like it is working fine if I set the website timezone to America/New York but still has issue with America/Los Angeles. This issue is site wide.

Might be a potential bug.


Behavior should not change depending on the timezone… If you really think it does, please try create a new piwik server, and reproduce the bug. if you can reproduce, I would love to hear about it :wink: