Get user data for a particular page through API?

Hello everyone,

I have some HR pages in our Mediawiki site and I am trying the find if it is possible to get the user/visitor information on a given page. I am using the getPageURL api call to get other metrics, but can I get the user ID and location somehow(users access the site from across the world)?

In a nutshell, If I have page HR_Information, can I get user John Smiths information through the API or some other option?

Thank you and appreciate any help!

Hi @DrpepperUser
I don’t understand what kind of HR data you want to get with Matomo.
But you can use most of APIs thanks to segments.

Thank you so much for your response!

Not necessarily HR data but the data from users who visit a page under the HR category. Is the segment portion “filtering” where the userId is equal to momofdivers?

Is it possible to segment on a pageURL and get user or all user information for that page, without having userIds beforehand? Something like:

Thanks again for you help!

Hi @DrpepperUser
Sorry for my late response…
Segmentation is used to filter visits… (eg I want to know all pages that visit users who viewed a particular page)
On you question, I think the simplest way is the use of CustomReports premium plugin. This is the only simple solution I know to mix different dimensions (user ID, country, etc.)…

Other solution: access your MySQL database with some BI tool and use raw data to generate any kind of report you need…