Get text inside svg

I’ve created a trigger for a click on an anchor inside an svg.

The basic structure of the svg is like this:

<svg class="myClass">
      <a>My Text A</a>
      <a>My Text B</a>
      <a>My Text C</a>

It’s a wordcloud with different text in the anchors.
The trigger for clicking on the individual links works, but I would like to know the content of the anchor.

I created a variable for that:
Type: DOM Element
Selection Method: CSS Selector
CSS Selector: .myClass a

Unfortunately instead of the content of the <a> matomo just shows [object SVGA Element].
Is there any way to get whats between the <a> inside an svg?


Is it the same behavior in Firefox and Chrome? (which versions)

I messed up a variable and that caused the problem. False alarm