Get page url instead of page titles?


Actions.getPageTitles return page title,is there a function that will return page urls and all data that return pageTitles function?So I want everything that return pageTitles func,and also to return page url for every row(for every page title to return its url)?
tnx in advance.

Someone to help me with this?

I don’t think there’s an API method for this. I suppose it’s possible to implement, with the caveat that there isn’t necessarily a 1-to-1 mapping between the two.

So there is no way to get full url with number of vistis?Don’t have to be that function,any other function will is ok for,just to get result that I need.

OK. That makes more sense.

Yes. See

Hmm,I looked everything before I start this topic.Can you be more specific?
I need to return and array of 20(for example) most visited urls in my website?Is this posible ? Piwik is great,but api for developers isn’t perfect.

Currently the URL is split by category based on the slash / character. If you want to get the full URL using the API, you can change the action_url_category_delimiter in your config file to another character. This way your URLs wont be split by category and you can request the full URL from the API.

This is also a feature request: Api function Actions.getPageUrls should make it easy to search for a given URL or path · Issue #1363 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub