Get only page urls filtered by custom dimensions

Hi, we have set up two custom dimensions (action) for our tracked website:

  • dimension1 reflects the id of the tracked page (1,2,3,1020,…)
  • dimension2 reflects the type of the tracked page (post, event, album, …)

We tracked some pages and the dimensions are added just as we want them to be.

We make an api request to get only the page urls which have assigned the dimension2 with “post”.

Sadly also some urls appear which are not assigned the dimension2 with post but event.

We are not sure if this is a bug or if we dont get the idea of how to use the segment filter.
We also tried to create the segment in the ui of matomo but we get the same result.

Would be nice if somebody could help us out here.

Greetins Marco

We are using matomo 3.14.0


This sounds like

and the linked issues there.