Get mtm.clickElement Breakdown

Hi I face a problem in retrieving the mtm.clickElement Breakdown

This is what i get in preview mode and console

The question is, why I got an empty set in preview mode ?(as well as in Matomo Tag manager)

At the same time, I tried to retrieve the data through tag custom variable, what should i input for get the mtm.clickElement details ? (i.e. src, href)

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Sorry we don’t really understand what you’re trying to achieve. Could you maybe list the steps to reproduce and what you expected VS what you got?

What I want to do is to extract the details within the mtm.clickElement

For example, offsetparents & imgsrc etc…

So my question will be how to capture the clickElement details in matomo tag manager, seems it is empty in preview mode.

In addition attached the preview mode for your reference
You can see the mtm.clickElement is empty

@matthieu can you help on this, thanks

It may show as empty but actually the element may work. Could you check whether the element is really empty or not, in the datalayer by calling MatomoTagManager.dataLayer.get('mtm.clickElement') in JavaScript?

@matthieu please find the screen cap below