Get IP of one user who was on a specific page


I want to get the IP of one user, who was on 11/29 at 1p.m. on one of my blogpages. Piwik says, that there were 9 people on this site on this date.

How can I find out, what IPs they have? There was a criminal on my page that has stolen my account informations from this page. The police is asking for his IP, so: where can I find his IP in my database of piwik?

Regards, Benni

Does anyone know, how to get the IP in general from the users of one day?

Piwik does not provide any way to see IP of visitor (yet).
But that info is present in the database.
If you have some kind of CPanel that permit to view the content of the data bas using phpMyAdmin or something else, you can see that information.

Yes, I have the permission to see into the database with PHPmyAdmin. Can you tell me in witch table and what collumn I have to see? Where are the IPs tracked and how can I see the visitor’s IP who was on one specific page?


In log_visit column location_ip.
But it seems the IP is weirdly enconded in the database.

The last version of Piwik permit to see IP at two different places now.
On the live widget and on the visitor log report page.