Get custom variables per page



I use Custom Variables in page scope and it work perfectly.

I can display statistic for each value of a custom variable in “Visitor > Custom Variable”.
Now, I wish display each value of custom variable sort by page URL.
Or, for each value of a custom var, display the a list of page URL.

It’s possible ?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Not possible at this stage unfortunately, as it is quite a lot of data to process generally. It could be made available on a “per demand” basis once we implement Page view filtering in the Segmentation API Segmentation support “select visits which visited this URL”, and “visited this Page Title” · Issue #2437 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


This feature will display each custom variable sorted by page.
It’s response at my first point.

Now, how display list URL filtred by a value of custom variable ?

For example, I define “language” to “fr” or “en”. I wish display all page URL visited where language is “fr”.

It’s possible ?
If not, creating a plugin can response to that ?