Get Analytics on My Site

Recently we changed web developers. Our last developers set up Piwik on our websites but did not give us access to our analytics. Is there a way we can get our old information? I’m wondering if you keep record of numbers such as page visits, bounce rates, etc. I’ve sent an email as well regarding this.

Any information at all would help!



You (or your new developers) can change the password of a Super User as follows: How do I change the Super User's password when password recovery emails are not sent? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

A Super Users is a user with highest privileges in Piwik, who then can change passwords/email addresses of of other users (or delete and create users).

P.S.: They need to be careful with the password changes though, in case a user’s (who hopefully was specially set up for that) authentication token is used with the Piwik API. Because the token changes with the password: What is the token_auth and where can I find this token to use in the API calls? - Analytics Platform - Matomo, Not user friendly: New password means changed token_auth.