GET ... 414 ... Request-URI too long


I’m running an webserver where a customer hosts Contao under www.domain.tld and Matomo unter matomo.domain.tld. He wants to connect both products an presents me with the developer console of chromium webbrowsers which says:

GET https://matomo.domain.tld/matomo.php?... 414 (Request-Uri too long)

I copied the URI-Part to an editor for counting chars - its about 400.000 chars long. So I set up apache2s LimitRequestLine and LimitRequestFieldSize higer than this value and now I get an 500.

Maybe the Request-URI is really too long? Whats the reason for - an filter?

Thanks in advance, Ronny.

In the case of the 414 Request-URI Too Large error, the problem is clear: the URLs being passed to the server are too big.
There are several things that you can do to avoid URLs that are too long: If using dynamic URLs with URL parameters, use server-side URL rewrites to convert them into static, human-readable URLs. Try to minimize the number of parameters in the URL whenever possible.
Or, you’ll need to change your Apache or Nginx server settings. You’ll need to adjust some configuration settings to allow for longer URLs.

where does this request come from? (by which way is it generated?) Because indeed, 400K is really too much!
Can you provide the list of used parameters (or at least the number of parameters that are passed in the URI)? Is there any value that is longer than it should be (eg. more than 100 chars)?