Geolocation OK but no Visitor IP behind Nginx reverse proxy


Dear All,

My Piwik runs on a server ( behind another server ( running a Nginx reverse proxy. Basically, everything does work fine including geolocation based on GeoIP (PECL) leading to plausible flags and maps. The only issue I would like to change is that the IP address of all visitors is - despite plausible geolocation - listed as, i.e., the LAN IP of the reverse proxy. I did of course read FAQ #12 and tried a number of variants of proxy_client_headers settings on the reverse proxy. What does strike me is that Piwik does seem to know and evaluate the visitors’ IP (otherwise PECL GeoIP would hardly work) but does not list it.

Please point me to the right direction in order to show a meaningful IP per user.



(iutable) #2

I’m having the same issue - did you ever figure this one out?

(Kuba Bomba) #3

Just to confirm - this one didn’t help? In most cases adding proxy_client_headers[] = HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR helps.