Geolocation module questions

I’ve been using the GeoIP HTTP Server module and found that I was only getting Country and Service Prodvider. Once and a while I would get a name of a city but it is extreemly rare.

I just tried to activate the GeoIP (PHP) by providing the GeoIP.dat and GeoLiteCity.dat in /piwik/misc

I have not noticed any change in the detail of the reporting.


  1. When changing GeoIP settings, does Piwik refresh the information for visits already logged? Or do the changes only appear for new visitors?

  2. The information on the right hand side shows my city/province, country, long, lat the most information I am getting is Country and Provider. Are there additional settings?



Did you rename GeoLiteCity.dat to GeoIPCity.dat? See the FAQ here: How do I get the GeoIP databases to improve accuracy of Country detection, and detect visitors' Cities and Regions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Yes, when troubleshooting I did come across that and did change the file name. There appears to be no difference.



I beleive on older visits you need to reparse the database to get old data updated.

Looks like you are right. All the new visits have started recording the city names.

How do I reparse the database?



Thanks! :slight_smile: