Geolocation missing after upgrade to latest Motamo version

I wonder if anyone can advise me please?

After updating all Geolocation has disappeared leaving just county as identified and the real-time map empty.

I already have GeoIPCity.dat resident in the /misc folder but noticed the Settings | Geolocation section will only allow the default setting - the other options are marked as ‘not installed’.

Is there a workaround for this, please?

Any ideas at all? I have been displaying locations for years and now suddenly the information is no longer displaying. The geo data is current.


Matomo uses GeoIP2 by default in Matomo 4 and optionally for a long time which use a new Geolocation format (mmdb). So you either need to download your database in the modern format or simply go through the setup at the bottom of the geolocation settings page to let Matomo automatically update the geolocation database.

Hi Lukas,

Many thanks for the info.

I have downloaded IP2LOCATION-LITE-DB11.bin to …/misc and it is now detected and IP2Location is now selected.

However, I’m still getting just country names in each visitor and the Real Time Map still says

“There are no visits displayed currently, because no visit for this period has the correct geolocation information (latitude & longitude).

To resolve this issue, make sure you are using a GeoIP geolocation provider with a GeoIP city database. If this does not resolve your issue, then it is possible (though unlikely) that your visits have IP addresses that just cannot be geolocated.“

I’m at a loss as to how to re-activate this service and why it suddenly failed! Any guidance will be appreciated.


The IP2Location plugin is not maintained by the Matomo team, but by the IP2Location team, so I’d recommend you to contact them or invite them here for issues with it.

Or you could instead use the core GeoIP2 plugin that uses the Maxmind/DBip databases.

Thanks for that.

Suddenly, I’m getting partial results!

I FTP’d IP2LOCATION-LITE-DB9.BIN into …/misc again and for some unaccountable reason IPV4 locations are now shown, but only new incoming visitors. I am surprised to see that earlier visitors still show Country only. I presumed geolocation was done on the fly and not stored?

Is is possible to geolocate IPV6 IPs too, for these are becoming more prevalent?


GeoIP2 supports IPv6, I can’t say it for IP2Location.

Yes, Geolocation is done when the data is sent to Matomo and doesn’t change data retroactively.

Thanks so much for your very kind assistance, Lukas.

I think we might be looking better now because I located a IPV6 bin file which does IPV4 as well.

Interesting that geolocation is stored at the loading stage and not created when required for screen display to reduce the stored data overhead. I’m sure the developers had their reasons and we all code differently. Given the high quality of Matomo, I’m sure I could learn some lessons!