Geolocation database updates and php version requirements

We are in the process of configuring Piwik for our sites and I’m wanting someone to confirm my understanding on a couple of topics before we dive deeper.

On the HowTo? page it states that the latest version of Piwik will auto-update the GeoLiteCity database. In that same section, it says that you need to rename the database to “GeoIPCity.” Is this required only when installing/updating the database manually?

Also, the system requirements say that it is recommended that we use PHP v5.1.3 or higher. In the Beta announcement it says that the code has been updated to use the 5.3 namespaces. Are we able to safely use PHP 5.5.x with Piwik?



Hi spiveygb, if you install/update GeoIP through Piwik it will automatically rename GeoLiteCity.dat to GeoIPCity.dat.

And Piwik will work with PHP 5.5.

Also FYI, the new beta is for Piwik 2.0 and for that release and beyond the minimum required version has been bumped up from 5.1.3 to 5.3.