Geolocation . cities

I installed Matomo on our own server and enabled ‘Location provider -> DBIP/GeoIp 2 (php).’
The report gives me a rough area, but not the exact city.
(i.e. instead of Paris I see Ile de France.)
Do I need another geo-database (maybe one with a fee) to get more exact results ?

I anonymized the last octett of the IP, but with the same configuration I get exact geolocation in Google Analytics.

Sorry if I’m asking, what maybe has been answered before, but I haven’t found an answer.


By default Matomo uses the db-ip lite database as it is the only one published und a free license.

If you are okay with accepting more complex terms of service, you could try out the free maxmind database:

And of course both companies provide paid databases with higher resolution, but keep in mind that if you anonymize the IP before geolocation, the geolocation will always be slightly off.

Hi Lukas,
Thank you for your recommendation, I will try maxmind.

if you anonymize the IP before geolocation

Is there a way to anonymize the IP after geolocation ?
Theoretically it’s possible : matomo receives the full IP decides on the geolocation and stores that info together with the IP. But I don’t know, how matomo works.
I only see, that Google Analytics gives me the correct city even though I anonymize the IP.


Yes, you can choose this in the Anonymize Data settings:

But check if doing so is okay with your targeted privacy laws.