Geolocalisation with anonymous IP


What is the impact if I anonymize visitor’s IP? Specially for the geolocalisation?

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Geo Location should still work, with anonimized IP, as it will replace the anonmized bytes by “1” and try to geo locate this

hi matt,

unfortunately this doesn’t work for me. some facts:

  • my provider owns -
  • i am on 112.151.21.x
  • when my address gets anonymised to or it places me in the US
  • when i switch off anonymisation it places me correctly in south korea
  • we use “GeoIP (Apache)” as location provider
  • the lookup preview in the piwik settings also correctly states “According to this provider, your current location is: Korea, Republic of”

any idea what’s going wrong? does the apache module or the maxmind database behind it not like



So, does it mean there are no impact at all on the data with anonimized IP?


The impact is that it’s not as correct as before. The IP address is anonymized but the last octet is then replaced with 1 to make geolocalisation possible. Its as near as it can get with anonymization ;).

@marc: as i said above, unfortunately for us geo locations are completely off when using ip anonymisation. we tested with ips in south korea, germany and belgium. in all 3 cases locations were not reliable. your mileage may vary.

but i suspect something is buggy in either piwik or the location provider database. could anyone comment on this?

meinhard can you please send us the 3 IPs you have tested, and which anonimized IP you have tested? you can use: for the tests? thanks!