GEOLite City and folder destination

I have read instructions::
Extract this file and copy the result, ‘GeoLiteCity.dat’ into the misc Piwik subdirectory (you can do this either by FTP or SSH).

  1. Can be added different folder name or there is requested misc Piwik subdirectory .
  2. Can be added also folder name like misc/media inside Piwik subdirectory or it should be like basic installation as there is already GeoIPCity.dat.gz
    Will be option enabled inside administration area if folders are added like misc/media/XXX

Is this automatic updated file when using updated version?

Need help.

To be absolutely SURE that you have the latest GeoLite City database, you need to download, to your local PC, the database in binary/gzip format, and then unzip that file before uploading it to your server in the /misc directory within the server directory where Piwik is installed. I use 7-Zip to unpack the downloaded file.

When you unzip the file, the result will be called “GeoLiteCity.dat”. You need to re-name this file to “GeoIPCity.dat” before Piwik can use it. Also, the file MUST be in the /misc directory.

The database, which you can download from this location:
is updated on the first Tuesday of every month, so you need to manually update the file. I generally wait until the second Monday to avoid any problems with holidays, time zone differences, etc.