GeoIp2 requiring https not http for geolocation data

Hello. I am getting notices from Maxmind as follows:

MaxMind will only accept GeoIP download requests sent with the more secure HTTPS protocol.

How do we change this in the plugin

Hello? anybody home here? this post is months old and rather critical. Any response much appreciated.

Hi @bulgin1
How do you access Maxmind data? How did you configure this?

Hello Philippe and thanks for the response!
To view the data I access via the dashboard. It’s the plugin.
Does that answer your question?
I’m trying to find out how to manage the plugin on my server so that it uses https for requests to MaxMind. Currently the plugin is using http and MaxMind will be shutting down requests unless they use https. It’s a plugin so the retrieval of data is via the plugin, not via a browser.
I hope that answers your question.

Hi @bulgin1

No: I wanted to know what configuration exactly you used in Matomo for Maxmind GeoIP?