Geoip2 installation, can't activate any provider


i try to switch to geoip2. I installed the libmaxminddb successfully, installed the extension and activated it. Works great (can see it in the ext in phpinfo)

Then I go to geoloc and I cant activate any of the geoip2.

The 1st one (php) tells me that there’s no db. I try to install it but it fails when downloading (I could download it perfectly with wget)

The 2nd one tells me that it can’t get the “apache_get_modules” function. I have php-fpm with apache. Is this an issue ?
I also have a message : matomo can’t find any GeoIP $_SERVER variable. I wen to the page to look at this variables. They are set. I don’t know what to do next.

Any idea please ?


If you want to use the php one, you could download and extract the content of the archive into the misc/ folder manually.

Thanks ! Did that and activated the geoip2 php method. It now tells me the geoip2 is accelerated by libmaxminddb

Hello, which archive must be installed into the misc/ folder?
(Shared hosting on HostEurope!)
Pls provide a link, thx + regards!
EDIT, self answering :grinning::
It must be GeoLite2-City.mmdb:grinning: