GeoIP plugin

Hi all,

I am using the GeoIP plugin but some UK addresses…

[attachment 251 piwikip.jpg]

… are still showing as USA…

[attachment 252 piwikip2.jpg]

…and a lof of addresses are showing as ‘country unknown’:

[attachment 253 piwikip3.jpg]

Is this normal or can I do anything to fix it?

Thank you

In the GeoIP/misc folder, there’s a script to run once to process your logs retroactively

Hi Anthon or anyone…

When I look at Visitors / locations & providers / Country (Geo IP) the visitor locations are listed correctly but on the dashboard ‘visitors in real time’ widget the countries are still incorrect (for example 5 of the last 9 visitors incorrectly showing as USA when in fact they are UK).

Is this fixed by geoipUpdateRows.php?


No. The Live widget doesn’t use the same columns as the GeoIP plugin. We’ll fix this when the GeoIP plugin is included with the core piwik distribution.

OK, is there any kind of time estimate for that?

Thank you

Don’t hold your breath! we’ve been waiting for this for a long time but it would seem that ecommerce is more important to the piwik team

No, that wasn’t the reason Jekko.