GEOIP Plugin Removed in 1.8 [Solved]

Can anyone tell me if there GEOP IP plugin (Plugin using GeoIP to accurately detect visitor countries, cities, and continent · Issue #5465 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub) is still working for them in 1.8? It seems for me its broken. No data for city or country is working. I believe this is being added to the core so is this just a temporary issues?

Are you anonymizing ip addresses? If so, it won’t work in that case as it doesn’t have the full ip address available for checking anymore.

No, I have full IP. It’s for an intranet where we need full IP checking.

I thought I would paste the solution. It seems on upgrade the GEOIP plugin was deleted. I had to add back previous customization as which seems to have been deleted. I have outlined the information here: