GeoIP (PECL) have a broken notice on IIS/Windows server


Hi there, I just try to install a PECL GeoIP on IIS8.5 / Windows 2012 R2,
I added two line in my PHP.ini


The broken error message in Piwik is:
“Could not find a country, region or city database for the GeoIP PECL module. Make sure your GeoIP database is located in ‘C:/PHP/php-5.5.20/’ and is named ‘GeoIP.dat’ or ‘GeoIPCity.dat’ otherwise the PECL module will not notice it”

So I think the problem is “geoip.custom_directory=C:\WebSites\piwik\misc”, it is not working because the piwik still go to my PHP root folder to find my Geo database. any solution for this issue? does it only happen on IIS? thanks!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there

did you restart your webserver?