GeoIP not showing exact location

Hi all,

I have installed and configured multiple websites on piwik, but i am not getting proper GeoIP location neither on piwik maps nor on piwik locations.

I am using GeoIP(apache) and also in provider section it’s showing unknown.

Any suggestions on how can i get proper GeoIP location.


If you only get information on a country level, then it is working “correctly” (the free MaxMind Databases aren’t much more detailed).
Otherwise try out the other GeoIP modules or check your apache config


I have tried GeoIP(PHP) also but i dint find any difference between the two as both of them not showing the IP location correctly( countrywise).

I have checked my IP using below mentioned maxmind and GeoIP links and it’s showing my correct location.

Can you please suggest what i need to check to get correct location.


If you have an own server you can try out what the geoiplookup helper program returns. (For debian it is in the geoip-bin package)

➜  ~ geoiplookup  
GeoIP Country Edition: US, United States
GeoIP City Edition, Rev 1: US, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, 37.750999, -97.821999, 0, 0
GeoIP ASNum Edition: AS15169 Google Inc.

Hi, :slight_smile:

i think there’s something wrong with the config.

when i am accessing geoiplookup coomand for default IP i am getting result same as you mentioned but when i am replcaing IP with my System Ip or with IP provided by, i am getting :

GeoIP Country Edition: IP Address not found
GeoIP ASNum Edition: IP Address not found

Can you please suggest what i am doing wrong.