GeoIP for Intranet

Hi everybody,
I have installed Pikwik in an intranet and I would like to track the location (country, offices) of users.
I have the map of the IP in the MaxMind csv format (for Countries or Cities), how can I implement this?
Do I have to convert the csv in dat file? How?
Or is there any external plugin to do this?

Any help is welcome.

Thank you,


Why not just use the MaxMind dat file instead of the CSV?

Also I could be wrong but if all your intranet is using the internal network IP designations such as  -  -  -

They will probably all only show up as US IP’s as there is no DB of intranet IP’s to a location. And all those get assigned a generic US location I believe. There has been talk about GeoIP and intranet on the forums a few times before, you could try searching for those, but I am pretty sure they will say the same info.

I want to track the location of user inside my intranet.

MaxMind dat files are giving me the public IPs, on the contrary I want to locate the IP in the private intranet.
For example: - : USA, Office 1 - : Canada, Office 1 - : USA, Office 2 - : USA, Office 3 - : Europe, Office Italy


So I cannot simply use the MaxMind file because I want to use my own IP address location.

To use the Piwik function I should convert the my file in MaxMind format, or maybe find another solution…

Any idea?

Thank you


This should do exactly what you want then

There is also this bug report

Also just found this

There seems to be a decent amount of results popping up in Google.

Thank you very much!