GeoIP error - NEW

Hi there,

Have just got the following error message after just installing (uploading) GeoIP2 .mmdb data files from MaxMind.

WARNING: /analytics/plugins/UserCountry/Diagnostic/GeolocationDiagnostic.php(44): Notice - Undefined index: geoip_php - Piwik 3.0.2 - Please report this message in the Piwik forums:

I have the two files …

“piwik root folder”/misc/GeoIP2-City.mmdb (49.2MB)
“piwik root folder”/misc/GeoIP2-Country.mmdb (2.6 MB)

… as per the instructions and now I get the above error. Any clues??

PROBLEM SOLVED : One of the plugs I had install previously had crashed out. All sorted now.