Geographic Location Wrong and Unresolved by using GeoIP Plugin

Like many others, the geographic location of individual visits seems to default to the USA rather than being correct. I’ve tried all of the forum suggestions and have even done a fresh install with the GeoIP plugin (and required data file) installed from scratch. Not surprisingly, the problem has persisted, with the first visit from France incorrectly listed as being from the USA on the individual visits log, but correctly listed as France in the GeoIP countries table. (see attached screenshot)

However, having an almagmation of visits by country as provided by the GeoIP plugin is not as useful as being able to identify the location of individual visits (and related drill down info), which is the intention of the visitors log in the first place.

The problem with the advice on Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo is that it doesn’t explain whether or not the GeoIP plugin is designed to adress the country flag on individual visitor log entries or whether it is purely for additional widgets and tables.

So my questions are:

  1. Does the GeoIP module adress the country flag for individual visits.
  2. As this issue seems to be a long standing one, is there any timeline to have it fixed.
  3. Shouldn’t this issue be made clear to people prior to installation.

I’d appreciate some feedback to the above questions as I’d like to use Piwik, but as it stands I feel that I couldn’t install it for my clients.

The problem is that current GeoIP plugin is not 100% correct and does not update country in visitor log etc. we will hopefully soon include it in core with correct implementation