Geo location for intranet website " Plugin :- IntranetGeoIP"

I am using matomo(version: 3.11.0) for intranet website on premises on VM running with OS Windows server 2012 R2.
My question is regarding geo loctaion tracking and for this purpose i am using plugin called “Intranet Geo IP”
But still I could see most of the visitors log are unknown. I have also configured with our networks IP. Could you please help me to get the visitor logs with accurate region ( country,city).
DB :- My SQL (version: 5.5.49)
PHP :- version: 7.3.1

Awaiting for your help on this.

Thank you.

Naveen Anand


The plugin isn’t maintained by the Matomo team, so it is probably easier to contact the author (or ask him to answer here).

But I am not sure if it is still maintained as the last change was over 2 years ago.

Thank you Lukas for the information.
Could you please suggest me any other plugin those who tracks for intranet IP ?

There isn’t any other plugin (for geolocation of non-public IP-adresses) and I think people recently reported that it still works.

Maybe make sure that the IP-Adresses are exactly the ones in the file you created.
You could also try looking at the log: