Generating Ecommerce Log with Reporting API

Hi, i’m trying to generate a report via the API to replicate something similar to the Ecommerce Log > View Visitor Profile in the interface (en masse though). I think I’ve been through most of the modules but it’s clear that there’s no one module that will help me with this. Am I correct in assuming that I’ll need to pull a list of User IDs of users who have purchased and then use something like the Live.getVisitorProfile module to get their individual journey details?
Could anyone point me in the right direction and maybe suggest the modules I’d need, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve spent about 4 hours sifting through modules and their results trying to piece this together.

Hi @HeinzMeyer

I don’t really understand your needs.
Doesn’t the following link work for you?!%3Dnone!%3Dnone

Thank you for the reply Philippe,

I’ve tried using the getLastVisitsDetails module, but I’ve found in terms of the visitor actions it only reports the visitors’ actions that occurred during the reporting period.
Whereas what I’d essentially like is, for visitors that purchased yesterday, to see their entire visitor journey regardless of what date it occured. This would allow me to build a full customer journey profile.

Does that make sense?

Hi @HeinzMeyer
I don’t understand what is missing in the following e-commerce log:

If you enable the visitor profile (disabled in the demo), you’ll be able to have an access to the customer journey in its whole life…