Generating an auth token from the WordPress plugin


I’ve been trying to generate Google Data Studio reports from Matomo data using this FAQ :

At some point you need an authentication token, which I tried to access by following this FAQ :

However, there is no “Security” tab on the Administration page for me. I’m using the Matomo for Wordpress plugin, and I suspect that this is why I don’t have the same tabs as other Matomo installations. I confirmed this by installing Matomo manually, where I was able to access a token.

The odd part is that I also compared the databases between the Wordpress plugin version and the manually installed version, and the WP version also has the same tables used to store the hashes and other values created when generating a token.

So my question is : how can I generate authentication tokens when I’m only using the Wordpress plugin ? or how can i access the Security tab from this plugin ?

(side note : i do have admin rights on the wordpress installations)

Thanks !

Hi Antony,

thanks for joining the Matomo community.
Unfortunately this tutorial cannot be applied for the Matomo for wordpress plugin. We’ll update it soon.
The reason is that we had to disable the native Matomo API to use the wordpress one instead.
The workaround you can use to export your data to google data studio is to use the google data studio MySQL connector to fetch directly the data from the database.

Kind regards


Thank you for the reply. I haven’t managed to connecte the database yet, but i’ll mark your answer as solution. Thanks !