GDPR needed for Heatmap and User flow?

[Disclaimer] Quite new on this forum, so forget me if I’m asking something already treated, I searched before but I could have missed it.

At my company, we’re using Matomo self-hosted coupled with a code snippet called Tarteaucitron for consent management.

As we use the community edition and have activated anonymisation for user IPs, the consent banner is pretty slick. However, we would like to begin to analyze user flow and behavior to improve our SaaS. Hence we want to install the Heatmap and Userflow plugins.

Does these plugins require special consent, with explicit explanation of what they do, or is there a way to stay at the same level of anonymisation with them , therefore not requiring to change the consent banner ?

Warm thanks in advance for your answer, whatever it is !

Hi @Dynnammo, If you use features such as Session Recording or Heatmap, you need to ensure you ignore any element in the page that includes personal data, so that any personal data are not tracked, learn more about masking content in Session recordings and Heatmaps

For more insight on this could you please review: GDPR compliance for Matomo’s Premium Features like Heatmaps & Session Recording, Form Analytics, Media Analytics & co

Hope this helps clarify your concerns.