GDPR & Need to Ask for User Consent

I’d like to do without bothering website visitors with asking for consent. And also an easier privacy policy would be nice. So as far as I understood, anonymization of web analytics data, as long as the data cannot be re-identified, will free me from this GDPR burden of asking for consent…? Even if I am storing other data that cannot be “associated with online identifiers” in cookies.


  1. If I select the box “Anonymize Visitors’ IP addresses” I don’t need to ask for user consent?
  2. Can I still store geolocation data without the IP?
  3. Also since I’m anonymizing the data, can I leave the “Disable Do Not Track support” on?

Thanks for your input,


(Nothing I am saying is even close to legal advice)

Just anonymizing IPs isn’t enough there are still some other things you need to keep in mind:

Geolocation still works, but is much unpreciser (exspecially if you use the anonymized IP, which you should do)

I think so, but I don’t really know.