GDPR: Does matomo opt out disable tracking completely?

Hi all!

Regarding the GDPR which will be enforced in the EU end may, I have a question:

We have the possibility to offer the visitors of our websites the opt out iframe where, and that’s the point, the user can opt out, yes what for exactly?

Is this only to disallow matomo to use a unique tracking id for the visitor, thus disallowing tracking of recurring visits of the same visitor?

Or does opting out also disable tracking in general, not tracking or recording anything, as if the visit did not exist?

Now a bit about where this question comes from: there are a lot of templates for privacy policy statements in germany related to the GDPR which, from my point of view, contain a lot of faulty descriptions/statements regarding what can be achieved by setting the opt out cookie. Among them the statement that by setting the opt out cookie, recording of any activity of the visitor on the questionable website is disabled.

Any help would be great!



When an user opts out via the iFrame (Cookie) or by enabling DoNotTrack), all data that is sent to Matomo is discarded immediately and won’t be stored in any way.

But then the opt out cookie text is misleading imho:

You may choose not to have a unique web analytics cookie identification
number assigned to your computer to avoid the aggregation and analysis
of data collected on this website.
To make that choice, please click below to receive an opt-out cookie.

which implies that aggregation and analysis are being related to the cookie identification, which is then not true!

When disabling cookies matomo continues to record the visitors activity. matomo may then not be able to put those activities in relation to a specific visitor, but it continues recording.


Matomo does not continue to track users who have set the opt-out cookie.

But I agree that the iFrame-text is not completly clear and should be improved.

What I meant is that if a visitor disables cookies in general for a website, he might get the impression from the opt out description text, that this is sufficient to disable statistics recording via matomo, as statistics recording seems to be bound to the matomo tracking cookie.


I have created a github issue: