GDPR: Disadvantages of deleting old raw data...?

to minimize the amount of personal data stored in Matomo we are going to set the continous deletion of raw data to 180 days.
I am a bit worried that we thereby will lose older data for:Pageviews & Custom reports

Is it really true that we will only lose old data for the following objects:
-Transitions reports
-Unique visitors metrics
-new (and updated?) custom reports
-Roll-up reporting

→ Unfortunately, you are right, you won’t be able to use transition reports on date where raw data has been removed.

→ It depends on the period on which the unique visitor metric is calculated:

→ Yes, you won’t be able to archive data for periods where raw data have been deleted

→ The same as previously, as roll-up is made of other sub-reports… If you don’t need to re-generate reports on previously deleted data, then no problem!