GDPR : Anonymise data until consent


Is it possible to configure matomo to track a user anonymously only until this user give his consent ?

The idea :

  • if visitor say “no” for tracking or just say nothing -> track him anonymously
  • If visitor say “yes” for tracking -> save personnal data for current session and next sessions.

Is it possible to do that ?


Maybe cookie less tracking is fine for GDPR?

My idea is:

  • when visitor say “no” or nothing -> tracking cookieless
  • when visitor say “yes” -> default tracking


thanks for your reply

I see two problem in this solution :

  1. GDPR say “privacy by default” so i need to enable cookieless tracking on page load. how can I re-enable default tracking when user click on “I Agree” ?
  2. GDPR also say “do no store personnal datas without consent”. IP is a personnal data. So how disable IP tracking by default but re-enable it when user click “Agree” ?