Further Development of Example Plugins

As a developer of a larger plugin for analyzing oxid eshop data (14 widgets and 14 fullpage reports) I must tell you that each new feature in a new version is a nightmare for me. Everytime I spend hours and hours to find out how a new feature is implemented, how are the call working etc.

The example plugins were not updated since several version. None of the new functions like
[li] two y axis
[/li][li] tooltips
[/li][li] selection of the mectrics
[/li][li] use of segments
[/li][li] sub tables
[/li][li] etc.

are documented or used in the examples.

Therefore please invest some time and update the example plugins and/or update the documentation how to use the new features of a version.

Sorry about the trouble, I understand your pain. We are trying to fix this problem with Piwik 2. We will spend more time working on examplePlugin to show all that can be done, and also to use ExamplePlugin as an example of the API for visualizations. Stay tuned for Piwik 2.