Funnels with events are not tracking anything in funnel steps

Been having trouble getting the funnels plugin to track any funnel step with an event.

I can setup a funnel that use page urls in steps and those works great, but when I create a funnel step with an event there seems to be no entries into that step of the funnel. I can go back into user flows and see the events in the funnel step getting recorded. I can also see them in the Events page in the UI.

I could use any help getting funnels to work with events.

Matomo version: 4.5.0
MySQL version: 10.4.21-MariaDB-log
PHP version: 7.4.3
Funnels (v4.0.8)

example of an event that is not working in funnels
Category: “Go>GamePage”
Action: “Share Clicked via G>GP”

@karthik, @Jason_1282 any idea?

Hi @brianbal ,

Please get in touch with our support team at, as this request is related to a Premium feature, it would be efficient to be deal with the support team.