Funnel analytics in piwik

I am new in piwik. I go through the site and docs, have seen most of the features. Two things that I haven’t seen are:

  1. Funnel analytics
  2. Tracking of bots visit.

Can any body explain are they available in piwik?

Thank you,

Gautam Guha

There is a plugin for bots which I have no expierence with

You can also use this


that can be added to your piwik.php request. You can find more information about it


Quick google searches would have turned up all this info for you.


The funnel analytics is something I am sure will be in future core part of Piwik. I think the plugin has stalled in development. Right now transtions does take care of most use cases. I should also add, if it’s must have feature, in the traditional sense, you can always sponsor it via


The premium Funnels plugin provides really powerful Conversion Funnels analytics directly in Piwik. Learn more & get the plugin in the Funnel Marketplace page. Check the Funnels User Guide and Funnels FAQ for more information. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!