Fully automated install?

Hi all,

We’re evaluating if Piwik would be a good fit as our standard analytics package, and so far it looks REALLY good!

One requirement though is that we are able to do fully automated installs. Is this possible? I know the upgrade script has a command line version but I didn’t see that for the initial setup install.

When I say fully automated, I mean we use a meta-installer that allows you to do any setup parameters, etc. that the multiple packages we are installing need, customized for the destination environment (dev, qa, pre-prod, prod) and the particular customer (their logos, colours, text, etc.). Naturally, we save the parameters in a file for re-installs, upgrades and moves.
The meta-installer then calls the installer programs, supplying all the necessary parameters for the installers to run unattended.

A command line install program with parameter options would be the preferred method here.