Full ip address missing

In the Matomo documentation there are references to the service tracking the “full ip”, yet if you look at the results of ip tracking the last 3 digits for the host are always missing. As well, in the database the last three digits of the IP address is always missing.

Am I missing something here or does Matomo not offer the ability to record the full ip address while referencing that it does?

Perhaps in another service they offer?

Thank you.


Thanks. That’s not the “full” ip address. It would appear that Matomo promotes the availability of tracking the full ip address but I can’t find how that is done. The image you supplied is not the full ip address. The host is missing represented by the .xxx.

Most ip tracking databases in themselves even the ones you pay for never give you the exact location of an ip address that does include the host last three digits.

If you don’t check the Anonymize Visitors’ IP addresses checkbox then you’ll get the full IP address

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thanks Philippe. See attached screenshots. I have not checked anonymize and as you can see the full IP address is missing.
I’m using the free version. Could that be the issue?

And here is the other screen shot.

Can you provide the HTTP request sent to Matomo when tracking…
Is there for example any cip parameter?

Do you use any proxy that could transform the source IP?

You mean the URL that the visitor inputs into their browser when visiting the site?

I can say this. When using Mautic which is a marketing tool which also captures IP address, the full IP address shows in Mautic’s logs, to the same site.

Well getting some progress: activated:
GeoIp2 (Core)
and image tracking and now the full ip address is showing.

Now I need to figure out which one solved the issue.

Full IP address showing for sure. Thanks for the help. SOLVED