Fresh install, stuck in DB upgrade loop

Hello, we’re running into some very peculiar issues trying to get a completely new Matomo installation running.

As soon as the initial setup is over and Matomo says the installation worked we land on a page saying that the database needs to be updated. When I click on update -> go to Matomo I end up at the same page again that says the database needs to be updated, so I’m stuck on this page forever. During the initial setup Matomo wrote to the MySQL DB, so it should be able to connect/write to the DB in theory. We also changed the varchar value of one field in the DB to 250 and opened Matomo in the browser again which reset it back to 250.

The version in table matomo_option is showing 4.0.4 everywhere. I also tried to run the queries that matomo displays for the database directly, query OK but no rows changed. Which makes sense, since the DB is empty apart from initial setup data.

We also tried turning on logging and debug mode, but we can’t find any error messages at all, logs only show which plugins are installed.

Database Upgrade Required after fresh install We found this thread which sounds somewhat related, but autocommit is alreadyset to on for our instance.

Did anybody run into this issue before or has any input that might help us?
Is there an option that allows skipping database updates so we could test if Matomo works apart from that?