Fresh install - no user tracking - no errors found

I have freshly installed Matomo 3.8.1 on my VPS that is hosted by Dreamhost. It is using PHP 7.2.11 with Apache. I have set it up with one of my sites, but no tracking is showing up in Matomo and instead Google Analytics is still showing visitors. As far as I can tell, I’ve installed it correctly and everything is setup right.

The site is - - this is the site for a static website generator I’ve written. The Matomo tracking code is correctly installed, I can see it in the browser developer tools. According to the network traffic when loading the page, there are several requests against the Matomo server and none against Google Analytics.

The server is at – Going by the troubleshooting guide, loading the “/piwik.php?rec=1&idsite=1” URL does result in a blank screen.

HTTPS is provided by Lets Encrypt, and the HTTPS setup is handled by Dreamhost, and I’m using that same setup with several websites without problem. I’ve also verified with the SSL Labs service that the HTTPS is setup correctly.

There are no errors in the server logs.

I believe Dreamhost’s config does install mod_security. I went into the Dreamhost control panel, and unchecked the “Enable extra security” choice but that hasn’t made a difference. And again, I don’t see any errors in the logs - I believe mod_security causes errors in the logs.

Looks all good from my view. Some questions:

  1. Did you tried with DNT disabled?
  2. Are you viewing the statistic for today?
  3. Did you enabled archiving? (Check you real time widget for entries)