Fresh install No data (Behind load balancer)

Hi! I just install fresh copy of 1.1.1 from one of my server, and my setup is like this:

Firewall – LB – Piwik server

I successfully install piwik with no issue and I’ve able to browse my subdomain for piwik, and include java script to my site footer. I check apache access logs it’s working fine I’ve see traffic accessing our site. but still no data I’ve check database configuration no problem I check mysql user privileges no issue.still get any data from my piwik server. I tried to clear cookie cache every still no data nothing write on my database. Also I’ve check mysql port is open.

Please help.

do you see any logs in your log_visit table ?

If not, check that the JS code on your pages load an image (with firebug > NET Panel for example)