Fresh install from cpanel fail install - database error - can't display webpage

Hi - Problem, can’t install from cpanal or can’t view piwik from manuel upload.

I have try to manule upload the piwik through FTP and tried install from Cpanel - Piwik version 2.1
when uploading manuel: - I tried to open nomal brower IE or chrome - domain/piwik index.php or piwik.php - it says can’t display the webpage - or it redirect to my and show the normal website

I have check my hosts file in windows 7

If i install from Cpanel: I get this error from Email log:
Technical information:
method = query
arguments = array ( 0 => ‘SELECT login FROM piwi_user WHERE superuser_access=‘1’ LIMIT 1’, 1 => NULL, 2 => ‘login’,)
errstr = SELECT login FROM piwi_user WHERE superuser_access=‘1’ LIMIT 1
MYSQL ERROR 1054: Unknown column ‘superuser_access’ in ‘where clause’

Using php version 3
you can look at my php info here

Can you please help…

okay, I dw the and extra it. now im able to se the welcome page, but everytime I click next it set www. twice like this

after removing the extra www. now it says -
Error: It seems that you try to skip a step of the Installation or cookies are disabled or Piwik configuration file has already been created.
Make sure that cookies are enabled and return to the first page of the installation.

okay, I manage to get it work by keep start over and over with the installation. and keep removing www.www. to www.

so the new problem is
How can I remove the twice to